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Is your child really just a late talker?

Cherab Foundation is an international nonprofit for children with neurological or genetic impairments that affect communication with a focus on autism and the rare orphan diagnosis apraxia. Our mission is providing evidence-based and integrative approaches to help our special children with therapy, nutrition, socialization, and awareness, especially those that are at-risk in the US and the rest of the world,  including low and middle-class countries. Without support, children in these situations are falling through the cracks in diagnosis, treatment, and then education and life.

Upcoming CrowdFunnit Parties

Children all over the world, including your neighborhood, go year after year without anyone showing up to their birthday parties because they are either alienated, bullied or both. CrowdFunnit fosters acceptance and compassion for those children that need a little help making friends.

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Bringing together families, affected individuals, and medical, research, speech, and educational professionals. The Cherab Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1999, has been working to improve the communication skills, education, and advocacy of the verbal disabled.