Late Talkers, Silent Voices Media Project

Late Talkers, Silent Voices is a multimedia project by an award-winning producer along with talented media and nonprofit professionals designed to foster acceptance, share personal stories and provide resources to individuals and families impacted by communication disorders.  Our goal is to make visible and give a voice to the individuals who cannot always speak for themselves and to honor the parents who battle fiercely to bring each one to their full potential.

Help Little Tadgh

A Mom’s Cry For Help For Her Son Most of us sit at our computers, on our phones, on our tablets, with our normal functioning fingers, hands, arms, elbows, shoulders and knees; tapping our functioning feet; sipping, chewing, swallowing whatever we want, never thinking twice about our chromosomal make-up. For almost-3-year-old Tadgh Magee of Dublin, Ireland, none of this is his norm. His life… Read More

Camden’s Birthday Party Brings Worldwide Awareness For Apraxia Which Started In a Cherab Support Group Message

Camden said the day after the party to his mom“Mama this has been the second best day of my life building Legos with you, my best day was yesterday.” Camden’s birthday party has been the most awareness for apraxia in a few days than apraxia has had in over the past century! It all started at the Cherab’s one support group on Facebook at… Read More

Apraxia Research Survey

Thank you everyone for your active participation in this survey -we’ve had hundreds of people respond within just 2 days, and the survey is now closed! In fact so many people responded that they thought it was a mistake (verbal apraxia being a “rare disorder” and all) Again thank you so much everyone! Awesome opportunity to help raise awareness about the need for apraxia research,… Read More

Late Talker Handout

  Is Your Child A Late Talker? · Are they quiet? · Seem shy? · Not talking like their peers? · Allow you or siblings to speak for them? · Do you wonder why? Your baby’s babbling and toddlers first words can be music to your ears. When faced with a child who doesn’t speak or seems to have difficulty with words parents are… Read More

NutriiVeda Survey For Autism, Apraxia, TBI, ADHD, Seizures

In addition to collecting the anecdotal reports through our network, we have created a survey to collect feedback from parents, professionals and individuals to help provide functional data that can be shared with researchers as we continue in the Pursuit of Research!  Please take a few moments to document your (or your child’s) journey with NutriiVeda here.  We will be sharing the results as… Read More

Preview of ‘Nobody Ever Told Me (or My Mother) That!

I had the honor of previewing a copy of ‘Nobody Ever Told Me (or My Mother) That! – Everything from Bottles and Breathing to Healthy Speech Development’. It will be available in paperback in a few more days – April 1st to come to the rescue for parents, care givers and professionals with easy to follow information, tips, and suggestions about feeding, speech, mouth… Read More

Upcoming CHE Partnership Call

From the Collaborative on Health and the Environment Dear CHE Partners and Friends: Please join us for several upcoming important CHE calls covering a range of topics from endocrine disruption (CHE Cafe call) to healthy schools (CHE Alaska call) to international environmental health issues during the October Partnership call with David Gee CHE Cafe Call with author Douglas Abrams, Eye of the Whale Wednesday,… Read More

The Differences Between Apraxia and Aphasia

Reprinted with permission from the Augusta Free Press, article by Chris DeWald http://augustafreepress.com/2009/09/22/chris-dewald-aphasia-and-apraxia-the-same-but-different/ Chris DeWald | Aphasia and apraxia: The same, but different September 22, 2009 Trying to decipher and also remembering the difference is close to knowing all the whos in Whoville. Yeah, I bet everyone remembers Cindy Lou Who. I have always thought that the speech therapist told me I had aphasia,… Read More

Please fill out this questionnaire!

Would you like to help research therapy for Apraxia? Dr. Renai Jones is conducting a study and could use your help. Please download, print, fill out, and send the attached questionnaire to the address at the bottom of the document! My name is Dr. Renai Jonas. I am a Speech and Language Pathologist and have been practicing for the past 35 years. I provide… Read More