Not Talking Yet?

By Sandra Y. Lee, Photo by Matthew Rodgers Child Magazine – April 2003 If you suspect your child has difficulties with speech, speak up. The key to treating language disorders is early intervention. Perhaps no other milestone, besides walking, generates as much anticipation as a baby’s first words. “Yet when a child isn’t quite on target, well-meaning family, friends, and even the pediatrician may… Read More

Conference ’03 – Apraxia in Children: Strategies for Physicians, Therapists & Families

Mark Your Calendars… Finalized brochures will be mailed 3/14/03 Apraxia in Children: Strategies for Physicians, Therapists & Families May 16 – 17, 2003 North Charleston , South Carolina Agenda Overview: May 16, 2003 8:30am – 8:30pm: Overview of Apraxia in Children Marilyn Agin, MD Brain Scans & Speech Delays TBA Speech Delays & the Right Lobe Dominance Nolan Altman, MD Neurological Aspects of Apraxia… Read More

An Advocate For A Little-Known Disorder

By Michelle Howe Star-Ledger Staff At Tanner Geng’s second birthday party, his parents, Lisa and Glenn, noticed there was something wrong with their son. “He wasn’t able to blow out the candles on his birthday cake and he couldn’t purse his lips to blow. It was a real wake-up call for us,” Lisa Geng said. In addition, Tanner had a speech problem. At first,… Read More

“Unlocking the Words: Helping children with apraxia”

From: Under the Umbrella Fall/Winter 1999 Children’s Specialized Hospital At two years of age, Tanner Geng of Warren was unable to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. “He couldn’t purse his lips to blow. His face was very round and he was not expressive.” said his mother Lisa. For Lisa Geng and her husband, Glenn, it was a major tip off that something was… Read More

Thanks to Seton Hall University Law School!

We are proud to announce that we were voted as the primary recipient of Seton Hall University’s Law School’s Competitive Grant. Because of this Grant, as well as the continued wonderful support of our current sponsors and others, the Cherab Foundation will soon be able to: Provide subsidized screenings for speech and language, as well as subsidized group therapy for the children. Begin various… Read More

Mothers-to-Be, Children Should Avoid Fish High in Mercury

Women who are or may become pregnant shouldn’t eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel or tilefish because these fish may contain high levels of mercury that could harm unborn babies. FDA’s advice extends to nursing mothers and young children, too… FDA ANNOUNCES ADVISORY ON METHYL MERCURY IN FISH The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing its advice to pregnant women and women of childbearing… Read More

Cherab Foundation’s First Apraxia Conference

The First Scientific Conference Dedicated to the Therapy of Verbal Apraxia/Dyspraxia.  Professional anecdotal overseen by CAPT Joseph Hibbeln, M.D.  The following was from ‘The First Apraxia Conference’ July 23-24, 2001, Headquarters Plaza Hotel, Morristown, New Jersey USA and was also presented at the Research Workshop – September 20-21 and on September 22, 2001 ‘Fatty Acids in Neurodevelopmental Disorders’ St Anne’s College, Oxford, UK CHERAB FOUNDATION SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMS… Read More

Two Day Trip to NYC for Inside Edition Filming

This 2 day trip, which was a first trip to New York for both mother and son, also gave Khalid and Cindy the ability to have some fun while they shared their story about growing up with a speech disorder with Inside Edition TV for their segment on apraxia and the Cherab Foundation. Thanks to the generous donations to the Cherab Foundation from Summit… Read More

Inside Edition Segment

On August 6, 2001, Inside Edition did a feature story on Apraxia. After about 30 hours of taping, and hours of editing down to 5 and a half minutes, we were left with one powerful segment. Families that have helped raise awareness to bring all our children a voice via TV!  Behind the scenes photos of some of the families in the TV segments…. Read More