Why Early Intervention?

Why Early Intervention when he’s just a late talker? “We now know the earlier the intervention, the better the brain can reorganize.” Today, parents are generally told to look for signs of delay early, even in a baby’s first year, and seek help. No one should assume that a silent 2-year-old is a budding genius; silence may be a sign of hearing loss or… Read More

Dru Showers Memorial Gift

Dru Showers was a rare light who devoted her life to helping bring a voice to children with apraxia and other impairments, through her work as a PROMPT certified speech language pathologist for Let’s Talk Speech and Language Services in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Dru also worked with children in Early Intervention for Total Rehabilitation in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.   A loving mother to a son… Read More

Late Talker vs. Apraxia-A Garden of Stories

Subject: my apraxic son My name is Gerri and I live in Yarmouth Maine. A friend of mine recently sent me an article from the Star Ledger highlighting your son’s disability. Until recently, we lived in Chatham, NJ. My son, Brian, who is 11 years old, also has apraxia. He too attended the early intervention program at Children’s Specialized Hospital. Our third child, Brian… Read More

Editorial Opinion – "Work With Your Child"

By Lisa and Glenn Geng I know you have heard this statement before, and if you didn’t, you will, many times. It is always important to “work” with your child even if he or she does not have any challenges, but even more so if they do, especially the first 5 or 6 years of their life while their brain is still developing. The… Read More

To the heroes, starting or running a support group for apraxia

Cherab Foundation would like to applaud and encourage the heroes: The people who step forward to start or run a support group for apraxia! Because of these people, parents and professionals can gain personal support and information, which is invaluable to the parents and professionals who care for apraxic children. Parents and Professionals may believe they are out there all alone, or worse, believe… Read More

Success Stories

Many parents who have young children diagnosed with apraxia worry about their child’s future. You can help to inspire and raise hope by sharing your success story. Please email your success stories. The families on this page have generously offered to reach out to help others via email. Because these parents and children all can help you from their unique “been there done that”… Read More


Parent Friendly Signs of Verbal Apraxia

See also: A Reason to Know the Signs of Oral Apraxia … from a parent Written By Lisa Geng in 2000 My son Tanner was diagnosed with both severe oral as well as verbal apraxia, but each child is different, and some may not go through all the signs that Tanner had, with his severity, and/or some children may have other aspects. Here are… Read More

A Reason to Know the Signs of Oral Apraxia

By Lisa Geng, a parent of two (beautiful) late talkers, (one with apraxia) Founder and President of two nonprofits for children with communication impairments, Children’s Apraxia Network, and the Cherab Foundation , Co-Founder of Speechville.com, and Co-Author of The Late Talker book I just received an email from a parent who has a child that is about 18 months old, is nonverbal, and was… Read More

Silent No More

Message from the President, Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association Silent No More he spoke to me yet he was utterly silent mute, soundless, wordless he was the most quiet child (a very powerful quiet) at the same time, he was the most loud child (a very powerful quiet loud) screamed silently at the top of his lungs beseecher of understanding in the silence in the unspoken… Read More

Our Fourth Child

Written by Susan Loyd* “Thoughts from a mom with 4 special needs kids” Our fourth child was going to be normal. I just knew it after all our other three children were neurologically impaired and no way would God give us a fourth. Our fourth child was going to be able to say her name at three not at seven like the other three…. Read More