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Pursuit of Research For The Cherab Foundation

Cherab projects include research, crowdFunnit a proactive way to deal with bullying and alienation, and Late Talker, Silent Voices media project


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Research goal: A pilot study to research the effect of a whole food nutritional protein and botanical blend on Autism, Apraxia and Central Nervous System Disorders.colton wide

The Cherab Foundation has had a commitment since 2000 in helping families and professionals all over the world with Autism, Apraxia, and other Neurologically based Communication Impairments.

There is very little research done for Apraxia, and in spite of numerous studies for Autism, the evidence for most strategies studied is weak, and in some cases, (particularly with medication) potentially dangerous due to side effects according to a ten year meta analysis published in the journal Pediatrics.

Families typically have to endure many years of multiple therapies which are both costly and time consuming for painfully slow progress, if any. The financial and emotional strain to families who have a special needs child can be overwhelming.

The Cherab Foundation has been sharing simple, healthy, benign nutritional strategies as a compliment to traditional speech and occupational therapies for over a decade now. Thousands of members from Cherab for the past 5 years have been using a proprietary formulated protein powder which we’ve seen unprecedented results with thousands of children all over the world.

We have completed some pre-clinical research, but now we need to do the most important part and do a double blind pilot study We currently have a proposal to complete this study. This is your opportunity to reach out, take a stand, and help with a specific goal in mind.

Please help us bring the children a smile and a voice.

Thank You

The Cherab Foundation
The Cherab Foundation Inc is an IRS registered 501(c)3 Charitable Organization doing business under the C.A.R.E. Foundation, Inc


We believe nutritional strategies are “working” because the nutrients provide the tools the body needs to help itself.


Learn more about Apraxia as featured on Inside Edition here: http://cherabfoundation.org//2001/inside-edition-segment/
The Cherab Foundation Inc is an IRS registered 501(c)3 Charitable Organization -any amount is appreciated

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