Late Talker Handout

  Is Your Child A Late Talker? · Are they quiet? · Seem shy? · Not talking like their peers? · Allow you or siblings to speak for them? · Do you wonder why? Your baby’s babbling and toddlers first words can be music to your ears. When faced with a child who doesn’t speak or seems to have difficulty with words parents are… Read More

The Cherab Foundation Brochure

he Cherab Foundation Brochure Sponsored by: Northern Speech/National Rehabilitation Services, Inc. Kaufman Children’s Center for Speech, Language Sensory-Motor and Social Connections, Inc. CHERAB would like to graciously acknowledge the generous donation of these glossy brochures by Northern Speech Services with assistance from Nancy Kaufman CCC-SLP from Kaufman Children’s Center. These brochures were made up specifically to be handed out at the landmark Shafallah conference in Qatar that CHERAB was invited… Read More