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Speech Disorder Related Links


Pursuit of Research
» http://www.pursuitofresearch.org

The US Cochrane Collaborative
» http://www.cochrane.org

Consumers United for Evidence-Based Healthcare
» http://us.cochrane.org/CUE

Speechville Express
» http://www.speechville.com

» http://www.apraxia.org

Cherab Discussion Group
» https://www.facebook.com/groups/1449699968637804/

» http://www.childrensapraxianet/

» http://www.childrensapraxia.net

Speech and Language Resources

Speech Disorder Links
» http://www.speechdiet.com

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
» http://www.nidcd.nih.gov

American Speech & Hearing Association
» http://www.asha.org

» http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/

The UK Dyspraxia Foundation

NICHCY- Info About Speech & Language Disorders
» http://www.kidsource.com/NICHCY/speech.html

Early Identification of Speech-Language Delays and Disorders
» http://www.kidsource.com/ASHA/early_identification.html

For Parents And Professionals – Learn about the childhood development from birth to age 3
» http://www.zerotothree.org/site/PageServer

Communication Connects
» http://communicationconnects.com/parent.htm

Q & A About Childhood Language
» http://www.kidsource.com/ASHA/child_language.html

Cochlear Implant Guide

Mommy Speech Therapy
» http://www.mommyspeechtherapy.com

Speech or Language Impairments and Family Child Care
» http://pursuitofresearch.org/2014/09/10/speech

Early Childhood Growth Chart
» http://www.kidsource.com/kidsource/content4/growth.chart/page1.html

The Talking Page
» http://www.debtsmart.com/talk

Cherab Foundation Brochure
» http://cherabfoundation.org//2006/the-cherab-foundation-brochure/

Contemporary Pediatrics Guide For Parents
» http://pursuitofresearch.org

Late Talker Handout
» http://cherabfoundation.org//2011/late-talker-handout/

Nutritional Links

National Institute of Health’s EFA Education
» http://efaeducation.org

Therapeutic Use Of Fish Oils For Apraxia, Autism
» http://therapeutic-use-of-fish-oil-for-apraxia-autism

Nutrition Cognition 
» http://nutrition-cognition-research-articles

Special Diets 
» http://can-healthy-food-be-illegal/

Insurance Links

Low Cost or Free Health Insurance Insure Kids Now

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Communication Disorders and Social Security Benefits

Insurance Coverage Tips

Advocacy and Self-Help

Self-Help Clearinghouse
How to start a support group, and information on clearing houses nationwide. They want to help you to start a support group in your area!

Speech Therapy Matrix 

Advocate’s Center -WrightsLaw

Is a worldwide resource that provides children with special needs, families and other caregivers with access to comprehensive information. Kidneeds is affiliated with St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children in New York.

National Parent Information Network

Special Needs Parenting Links

Cerebral Palsy Guide 

Friends Health Connection
Check the events page. These events are open to us! A great resource for anyone who feels like they are going through a challenge alone.

Council For Parent Attorneys And Advocates

College guide for disabled students
Check the events page. These events are open to us! A great resource for anyone who feels like they are going through a challenge alone.

Mid Jersey Cares Early Intervention Collaborative
A partnership of parents and professionals and early intervention providers working together to ensure high quality early intervention.

Raising Special Needs Kids

Devoted To Raising Special Kids With Special Needs

The Disability Resource

disABILITY Information

Various Info On Kids And Different Disabilities

Education Link

Colleges for Students with Disabilities Guide

Parent Links

KidsHealth.org: Parents Home Page

Locate a Neighborhood Pediatrician

HealthyChildren.org: Ages & Stages

Health And Safety Resource

Baby-Proofing Your Home – the Definitive Guide

Keep Kids Safe from Preventable Injuries

Children’s Comprehensive Health Guide (Drugwatch)
»http://www.drugwatch.com/children http://www.drugwatch.com/students

Kids’ Guide to Home Safety

Home Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

Fire Safety and Prevention for Kids

Parents Central: From Car Seats to Car Keys – Keeping Kids Safe

Online Master of Arts in Special Education

Distracted Driving Prevention Toolkit – for Parents