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Apraxia Documentary

“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.”

~ James Earl Jones, who is a stutterer

theatre-marquee-568237_1280Apraxia Documentary

“A movie to help bring a voice to our children!”

Producer searching for families that would like to help.

Do you
  • have a younger school aged child diagnosed with apraxia?
  • interest in helping raise awareness about apraxia?
  • want to be part of a historic documentary about apraxia?
  • preferably live in NYC, or have the ability to travel to the NYC area?

If your answer is yes, please email me or leave a message below.

Also searching for
  • Families who have children that were just diagnosed with apraxia.
  • Families who have a child is in a preschool program where there is 1 or more other children in the program also diagnosed with apraxia.

Searching for families with younger children because we have the voice of numerous families who have teens and young adults who grew up with apraxia. This includes just about all of the families interviewed for the Deborah Norville Inside Edition segment on apraxia

Again if interested in helping please email me, or leave a message below

4 Comments on “Apraxia Documentary

  1. My son, age 3, had been diagnosed by his speech therapist as having oral apraxia. What information do you have on the documentary?

  2. I have 4 year old twins who are BOTH diagnosed with apraxia of speech.

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