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Friendship Parties

Because every child deserves a happy birthday with friends

The Cherab Foundation started hosting Friendship Parties (formerly the CrowdFunnit Project) to bring people together, raising awareness about differences while fostering acceptance and compassion. Helping a friendless child celebrate a birthday is just an incredible mechanism in which to help make this happen. The party itself and any media attention it brings will help fight bullying at the root while the community connections will exist long after the party ends.


To a child, birthdays are more than just a cake

Children all over the world, including your neighborhood, go year after year without anyone showing up to their birthday parties because they are either alienated, bullied or both. Founded by Lisa Geng together with other members of the Cherab Foundation along with like-minded souls who simply care, Cherab’s Friendship Parties (formerly the CrowdFunnit Project) foster acceptance and compassion for those children that need a little help making friends. Following on the heels of a successful open invitation for a child in the summer of 2015, which went viral after Cherab Foundation President and Founder Lisa Geng shared the story to the online community Reddit. Thus our Friendship Parties  were created, serving as a proactive measure to help these celebrations come to life.