TV show “Not Just A Late Talker

Pictures from CN8’s Real Life half hour talker show titled “Not Just a Late Talker” featuring CHERAB Founder Lisa Geng and her son Tanner, VP CHERAB Cheryl Bennett Johnson MA SLS/Educational Consultant NJ State Teacher representative, CHERAB advisor Judy Flax CCC-SLP PhD Research Coordinator for the Santa Fe Institute Consortium and the Tallal Laboratory at the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience (CMBN) of… Read More

Advice for Perplexed Parents of Late Talkers

By. Jane E. Brody New York Times 2004-06-08 When your 18-month-old speaks fewer than 10 words, your 2-year-old uses no two-word combinations, or your 3-year-old’s speech is unintelligible to anyone but the immediate family, should you worry? Is the child merely a slow talker who will eventually catch up to his or her peers, or does the child have a speech or language disorder… Read More

Late Talker Book review from Advance

Comprehensive Resource for Parents of Children Who Are Late Talkers Late Talker book review from ADVANCE October 27, 2003 Reviewed by Alice Rhein, MS, CCC-SLP Every parent of a child with apraxia should be armed with a copy of the book The Late Talker: What to Do If Your Child Isn’t Talking Yet. Author Marilyn C. Agin, MD, a pediatrician and former speech-language pathologist,… Read More

10 Reasons to Celebrate the Late Talker Book

“My daughter is 6 and talks at a 2 year old level. People always said things like “my 6 year old could talk at that age.” What is with yours is she retarded???”…I wish i had some advice to tell you that would cure the problems that we face.” In response to the recent emails like this about horrible rude remarks that shockingly can… Read More