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Communication Disorders and Social Security Benefits

By Molly Clarke writer for the Social Security Disability Help blog Communication is a vital part of human life. We use communication to interact, learn, and develop. When a child’s ability to communicate is compromised, he or she may… Read More

ADHD and Speech

Since I list ADHD in my top ten reasons to celebrate the book, ‘The Late Talker‘, let’s concentrate on ADHD. Did you know in some samples those with a diagnosis of ADHD have “undiagnosed” speech and language disorders… Read More

ADHD and Speech Excerpts

Comorbidity in ADHD and Associated Outcomes by Dennis P. Cantwell, M.D. “…Communication disorders describe developmental speech and/or language disorders. These children have elevated rates of ADHD. It is also clear that children referred for psychiatric problems and given… Read More