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EFA Resources

There are many ways to increase the amount of EFAs in you or your child’s diet. You can for one increase the amount of fish. However, due to concerns of mercury which are recognized by the Institute of… Read More

The potential role of fatty acids in developmental dyspraxia

The potential role of fatty acids in developmental dyspraxia – can dietary supplementation help? by Alexandra J. Richardson, D.Phil (Oxon), PCGE – Senior Research Fellow in Neuroscience, Mansfield College and University Lab. of Physiology, Oxford Developmental dyspraxia shows… Read More

Elementary Introduction to Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

The structure of fatty acids is like a long chain with many links and a Carbon atom at each joint between two links and at both ends of the chain. One of the ends of the chain contains… Read More

Answers about ProEFA and history of how it came to be known

Nordic Natural’s ProEFA is the same thing as their Complete Omega Ultimate Omega with Borage Oil (it has to be that name -there are other Complete Omega’s that are not the Ultimate Omega) ProEFA is the professional line… Read More