Charlie Chuong’s 13th Birthday Party Invitation

“Charlie just wants a friend. Some kids refer to him as ‘the boy that doesn’t talk’ He tried to make friends with online gaming but only felt frustrated after being mocked for how he talks. He needs to know that he is worthy of having friends and that he is not alone.   For the past twelve years, Charlie has celebrated his birthday only with family. We spent hundreds of dollars on his parties with his special super-hero cake, Charlie waited and waited, and nobody came. It breaks my heart to see that a genuine, loving, and caring boy like Charlie would struggle to find friends.”- Pierre Chuong

Let’s let Charlie know he’s worth getting to know! You are cordially invited to celebrate Charlie’s 13th birthday party with him.

Saturday, December 10th, 1 PM – 3 PM in EST
Superplay 1600 NW Courtyard Circle Port St. Lucie, FL. 34986

As an honored guest, you are invited to have a super time at SuperPlay There is no admission cost to attend the party. However, those that want to participate, there will be a limited amount of party passes for 20 dollars from Superplay which include
• two hours of bowling,
• shoe rental,
• equipment rental,
• seven dollars’ worth of game room tokens,
• two slices of pizza,
• unlimited drinks,

*100 percent of the 20 dollars goes to Superplay. Charlie’s father has prepurchased a limited number of party passes at 20 dollars each so if interested please RSVP here.

and, of course, a delicious custom birthday cake donated from Seriangely’s Sweet Inspirations by cake creator Maria Lopez Ruiz.

There will be a motorcade with the Ecto Force Ghostbusters and the St Lucie police/sheriffs department to escort Charlie to Superplay around 1 PM, when the party starts.

Ecto Force Ghostbusters is a Port St Lucie based full 501c3 charity organization. With over 30 members across the state, they are one of the largest Ghostbusters franchises in Florida. They are officially recognized and endorsed by SONY Ghost Corp, a division of Sony Pictures, and are able to represent Ghostbusters for charity work Nation wide. Ecto Force’s member come from a variety of backgrounds, including former Military, First Responders, Healthcare, and many more. Their team is committed to supporting many great causes, especially for children. A few of these include: Autism Awareness, Anti-Bullying, Children’s Hospitals, and Toys 4 Tots.
You can find more information about Ecto Force and their incredible team at:
As well as see all their upcoming events and appearances at:
For inquiries or more information, contact: [email protected]

In addition to the Ecto Force Ghostbusters who will be there with their Ectomobles; Ecto-1P and Ecto 1V, the Mets mascot will be there along with Superheroes Guardian Angels, first responders, and surprises to join the super party. Celebrate Charlie’s birthday and stay as long as you want to play! Michael Rubano from Macrobano Photography will be on hand to take fun photos! You can RSVP to Charlie’s birthday party here.

Charlie loves bowling

Please donate to the Cherab Foundation! We are raising money for basic party supplies, and any money over our goal can help others in need. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of children and families affected by disability. Thank you for your support!

The Cherab Foundation is excited to announce its upcoming Friendship Circle event to help a special needs child make friends. Charlie is 12 years old, autistic, and in the 6th grade. He has no friends and feels alone in the world.

Charlie is a super sweet boy diagnosed with autism, and he will be turning 13 this December 13th. He is intelligent and attentive but struggles in communication and processing conversations. Therefore, he is known as the “boy that doesn’t talk” and has no friends.

Since being diagnosed as on the spectrum, his classroom has been in an ESE isolation class with other autistic boys.

Attending school has always been challenging for Charlie because he isn’t around other children and has no friends. Since being diagnosed as on the spectrum, Charlie’s classroom has been in an ESE self-contained isolation class with other autistic boys.

At home with his family and when they travel together, he loves discovering new places on the map and has an excellent memory of new places and things. He finds joy in pranking his mom and dad. He’s kind, considerate, and thoughtful to others and even animals. Strays that come onto our property always get something to eat! He helps with chores, shopping, and even cooking and gardening.

But what Charlie is missing is friendship. Charlie would love to have a friend.

He needs to know that he is worthy of having friends and that he is not alone,” said Pierre. “I’m sure other kids out there feel the same way; because they are different or learn things a certain way doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to be around.”

For the past 12 years, Charlie has celebrated his birthday only with family. “We would order his favorite superhero flavor of the year cake and spend a lot of time and money on decorations and gifts to make his birthdays special, but we didn’t have anyone to send invitations to!” Even virtually, there is no friendship. Charlie would love to play video games with other children, but that has also been painful for Charlie. The other children will mock the way he speaks and laugh at him. Due to this, Charlie no longer tries to play video games with other children despite how much he would love to.

Finally, this year, driving to his Jr. High open house, he asked me, “Can I be in a regular classroom so I can make some friends?” My heart just sank, and I knew I had to do something right there.

Reading about a Cherab Friendship Circle birthday party for William Morales gave Charlie’s parents the idea to have an event for Charlie to help him make friends. ” Please help me and parents like me create a happy world for our children to live in, where they can be safe and have fun,” Charlie’s father, Pierre, said.

As the guest of honor, Charlie, along with the Cherab Foundation and the Chuong family, welcomes the whole community to join him to celebrate all those individuals and families out there feeling the same alienation and come out and join the fun, share some cake and make a few new friends. “I want Charlie and children like him to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest with compassion for each other.

Charlie and his family, SuperPlay, Duffy’s Sports Grill, The Mets, Seriangely’s Sweet Inspirations, Ecto Force Ghostbusters, and Superheroes, first responders, Michael Rubano from Macrobano Photography, along with the Cherab Foundation team, look forward to hosting you. We are, extending the invitation to like-minded, kindhearted individuals to come out for a day of fun, food, friendship, games, and of course, a bowling-themed birthday party.

Charlie was a toddler when his parents started wondering if he was different from the others and if his differences all added to something. Lack of speech. Phobia of loud noises. A strong dislike for crowds. Inability to socialize well with peers. Google searches always led Charlie’s parents to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Charlie as a toddler

Cherab Foundation’s Friendship Circle event brings together children with and without disabilities. The goal is to provide a fun, supportive environment where children can socialize and make friends, focusing on Charlie, who is turning 13 and has never had a birthday party with friends. Charlie doesn’t get invitations to other children’s birthday parties.

Cherab Foundation’s Friendship Circle is an important event, as it helps children with special needs learn how to socialize and connect with others. It also allows other children to develop compassion for others and the importance of acceptance and understanding.

Because Charlie is entering his adolescent years, he is starting to think more about friends and socializing. This Cherab Friendship Circle event will help Charlie meet other kids, including some going through the same things he is. Charlie can talk to the children that attend, learn from them, and maybe even make lifelong friendships.

Charlie is a wonderful boy who loves to travel and explore new places. He has an excellent memory and is fantastic at ping pong. His late grandfather played with him, and he enjoyed it very much. Charlie’s favorite thing in the world is going to Legoland and going on cruises with his family to discover new destinations. He also enjoys eating pizza, reading comics, and playing video games. Charlie is excited about having his first birthday party and making new friends.

Charlie playing ping pong with his grandfather

For those unable to attend, Charlie loves receiving and opening mail but typically doesn’t get any birthday cards outside his family. We are hoping this year; he’ll get a few more. You can mail birthday cards or birthday gifts to Charlie Chuong through:
Charlie’s Birthday
C/o Cherab Foundation
2301 NE Savannah Rd, #1771
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Charlie and his mom Tori

For more information on the Friendship Circle event, please visit Cherab’s Friendship Circle