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About the Cherab Foundation

Help Give Our Cherubs A Smile And A Voice

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Volunteer-based since 2000, the Cherab Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit for children with neurological or genetic impairments that affect communication with a focus on autism and apraxia. Our mission is to bring together parents with educational, speech, and medical professionals FOR RESEARCH AND to provide evidence-based and integrative approaches to help children on the neurological spectrum with therapy, nutrition, socialization, and awareness. Without support, children in these situations are falling through the cracks in diagnosis, treatment, and then education and life.

All money raised goes directly to support our initiatives which help children with therapy, nutrition, socialization, and awareness. Please join us and help to give our children a smile and a voice.  We are currently seeking partners that can help us further expand our mission.

crowdFunnit Antibullying Events

crowdFunnitAt the core crowdFunnit brings people together, raising
awareness about differences while fostering acceptance and compassion for children with a communication impairment. Helping a friendless child celebrate a birthday is just an incredible mechanism by which to help make this happen. The party itself and any media attention it brings will help fight bullying at the root while the community connections will exist long after the party ends.  Our most recent parties are perfect examples of this recipe for success.  Learn more

Late Talkers Documentary

Late TalkersLate Talkers is a multimedia project by an award-winning producer along with talented media and nonprofit professionals designed to foster acceptance, share personal stories and provide resources to individuals and families impacted by communication disorders. We believe all have a right to be heard and understood.  This is a teaser for our first documentary.   Learn more at LateTalkersFilm.com

Pursuit Of Research

Pursuit of ResearchPursuit of Research promotes and seeks clinical validation for using healthy nutrition as a therapeutic way to address communication impairments.  We are committed to assisting with the development of nutritional therapeutic approaches, preventions, and cures for communication impairments that affect all ages with a focus on children.  The Cherab Foundation hosted a conference with leading research doctors from the US and UK on the therapeutic use of fish oils for apraxia, a severe communication impairment, that can be integrative to traditional speech and occupational therapies.  Learn more at PursuitofResearch.org

The Late Talker Book

As the mother of two “late talkers,” Lisa Geng is the founder and president of the nonprofit CHERAB Foundation, co-author of the acclaimed book, The Late Talker, (St Martin’s Press)  Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble  The first book to show parents how to tell whether a child has a speech delay or a more serious speech disorder.

Every parent eagerly awaits the day his or her child will speak for the first time. For millions of mothers and fathers, however, anticipation turns to anxiety when those initial, all-important words are a long time coming. Many worried parents are reassured that their child is “just a late talker,” but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Co-author Lisa Geng was one of those parents and she discovered that her children had serious speech disorders.  Balanced with a mother”s perspective and an acclaimed doctor”s experience, this book gives parents needed guidance.  Learn more.