To the heroes, starting or running a support group for apraxia

Cherab Foundation would like to applaud and encourage the heroes: The people who step forward to start or run a support group for apraxia! Because of these people, parents and professionals can gain personal support and information, which is invaluable to the parents and professionals who care for apraxic children. Parents and Professionals may believe they are out there all alone, or worse, believe… Read More

Beginnings: Starting a Support Group

The history of the Cherab Foundation An Introduction by Lisa Geng A “hello” from Kathryn Rickard, founder of the first support group for apraxia in New Jersey

Letter to Lisa Geng about the Beginnings of Cherab

Lisa, I am glad to hear from you. I have been following the web site you set up and wanted to tell you how impressed I am with how you are doing. I think you are providing valuable information to families with children who need education about apraxia and its treatment. I am happily surprised to see the help you have enlisted, i.e. Children’s… Read More