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Silent No More

Message from the President, Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association Silent No More he spoke to me yet he was utterly silent mute, soundless, wordless he was the most quiet child (a very powerful quiet) at the same time, he was… Read More

Feeding Strategies to Increase Sensory Organization

by Michelle A. Ortega, M.S., CCC-SLP Michelle Ortega was our speaker for our June, 2000 meeting and is Tanner’s private Speech and Language Pathologist. If you found the above information helpful, you may also want to read Mealtime… Read More

Why underlying speech and language disorders in conditions from ADHD and autism to dyslexia and DSI need to be addressed

Even though speech and language disorders are the number one disability in children, and on the rise for some reason, genetic or environmental or both, and even though the importance of early detection and treatment to children exhibiting… Read More

Delay Vs. Disorder

1. How can you tell the difference between a child with verbal apraxia (not oral apraxia) and one that is a late talker? Experts state that oral apraxia can be diagnosed as young as 18 months, while most… Read More

A Letter To Parents Who Have A Child That Is A Late Talker First Written 7/4/00

Acknowledgment from The Late Talker book: “”…Thanks to my two boys, Dakota and Tanner. Your communication delays were a motivating wake-up call to do something to help both of you and others. Your success from early intervention is an inspiration,… Read More

Phonological Awareness Activities

by Paula Tallal PhD Dr. Paula Tallal, an advisor for Cherab, is the Board of Governor’s Professor of Neuroscience, Co-Director of the CMBN at Rutgers University, and Co-Founder of Scientific Learning Corp (SCIL), Director, Scientific Learning Corp. She… Read More

Insurance Resources

Don’t take denials personally; it’s all in the code. A great code to use if you have a child with apraxia, according to the medical experts from the Cherab Foundation, is 781.3 which is “lack of muscle coordination… Read More

One on One Therapy

A Review of Apraxia Remediation The Cherab Foundation gratefully acknowledges permission to print the following, cited by Jennifer Hecker, a parent advocate for her apraxic son, Reed. “The type of treatment appeared to influence whether patients improved. More… Read More

When Silence Isn’t Golden

Not all children with delayed speech are “little Einsteins” or garden variety “late bloomers.” Some have a speech-language disorder that will persist unless warning signs are recognized and intervention comes early. Includes a Guide for Parents.
Publish date: Nov 1, 2004
By: Marilyn C. Agin, MD

Elementary Introduction to Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

The structure of fatty acids is like a long chain with many links and a Carbon atom at each joint between two links and at both ends of the chain. One of the ends of the chain contains… Read More