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crowdFunnit Party Ideas

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Social Media

On your child’s Facebook page, even though we will be helping to share information, as your child’s parent you will be able to share so much more in the way of stories, photos, videos.  Also, a great place to thank people and companies for their birthday wishes.

Choose A Theme

fun-649463_1280Choose a theme that your child would love that we can work around to make it the best day ever for them.  If you can’t think of a theme what is your child’s favorite toy, color, character?  What is something they would love to do?

Location, Location, Location

Choose a public birthday location large enough to accommodate extra people.  Try to choose a location where the weather won’t be an issue.

Party Music!

If you don’t have a professional DJ have a source of your child’s favorite music.  Music can also be part of party games like musical chairs, or part of a Simon Says dance party.

More Party Ideas