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Late Talkers, Silent Voices Media Project

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40 Million Americans have a communication disorder

– 1 in 12 are school-age children​. Millions of kids struggle with expressive, receptive, fluency or voice issues – they struggle to be heard and to be understood. If that weren’t enough, they also deal with the assumption that their difference in communication reflects a difference in their cognitive ability.

Late Talkers, Silent Voices is a media project that aims to raise awareness about and reflect the experiences of families whose children are diagnosed with communication impairments. This is a critical time: diagnosis and treatment for communications disorders is still evolving while the population with speech and language disorders is increasing. By raising awareness, LTSV advocates for protection and acceptance of these children and offers state of the art resources and research to families looking for solutions. LTSV reflects the belief that while prognosis for every child is different, with appropriate diagnosis and therapy, every child has the ability to achieve his or her full potential.

Trailer for ‘Late Talkers, Silent Voices’

Our media project includes a short documentary, (already shot) which gives a glimpse into the lives of 5 families from across America whose children ages 3 – 19 deal with autism, apraxia, or stuttering.

We are seeking finishing funds for this film, and additional funding for a second film about special education teacher Chris Ulmer, creator of Special Books for Special Kids and how he works in the classroom, an interactive website that will present up-to- date information for the special needs community in a variety of platforms – organized by region, by diagnosis, and by specialist – answering questions, pooling resources and creating a worldwide community of support and activism. We also hope to raise the funds needed to continue our project with a feature film about Chris Ulmer and to support Chris’s goal of raising the level of acceptance and compassion for those with communication disorders, as well as influence other educators as to how to empower their special needs students.

As a group of parents, family members, medical professionals, education specialists, therapists and anti-bullying activists as well as individuals with communication disorders, we know first-hand what it means to live with and care for someone with a communication disorder. Our project will raise awareness through numerous parent and professional documentaries by award-winning documentarian Lise Zumwalt. The project also includes a new book (now in the works), the Late Talker Grows Up by Lisa Geng and Nina Wolgelenter.

Please help us by joining this community and by giving whatever amount you can. No donation is too small and participation is gratefully received – ask questions, make suggestions and spread the word so that together we can empower these children to gain their voice and to be heard.



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