Avoiding Mercury in Fish Supplements

At our January 2001 meeting, Dr. Kane talked about the need to avoid purchasing supplements that come from areas where fish are contaminated due to mercury poisoning. She also warned against having your child consume too much tuna fish for the same reason. However, we do need the healthy fish oils, and many of our waters are polluted with mercury, levels of which increase with the waters containing larger predatory fish, since they eat the smaller fish, who eat the smaller fish, etc.

Below is information from a 20/20 TV segment, during which medical (and other) authorities spoke about the issue of mercury poisoning and the link between mercury poisoning and neurological conditions, including language.

I would like to thank Dr. Kane for raising awareness about this at our meeting and thank 20/20 for raising awareness to the world, and possibly making it a safer place for the babies of the future.

Lisa Geng, President, Cherab Foundation

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