Have Questions about Late Talkers versus Apraxia?

Ask Our Developmental Pediatricians

Participating Pediatricians:

Marilyn Agin MD

Neurodevelopmental pediatrician Marilyn Agin MD is the Medical Director for NYC Early Intervention -the largest of its kind in the USA. She is also the Co-Author with Lisa Geng and Malcolm NIcholl of The Late Talker book!

Dr. Agin was our dynamic (standing room only) speaker for many of our nonprofit’s meetings since 2000 and presented a paper on apraxia at The First Apraxia Conference Summer 2001. Since then Dr. Agin has been overwhelmed by the number of calls and emails that she has received from all over the world. Dr. Agin has generously worked very closely with the Cherab Foundation as our Medical Advisor.

Larry Laveman MD

Dr. Laveman has generously volunteered his time to helping the Cherab Foundation and has also presented at a number of CHERAB meetings. He is a developmental pediatrician in New Jersey who diagnoses apraxia, and is looking forward to being involved in apraxia research through Cherab.