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US Department Of Education – The purpose of this guidance is to assist educators, parents, and State and local educational agencies.
Guide to IEPs

Speech Therapy Matrix For School Based SLPs

IEP Guide – IEP info. This list is strictly for IEP related info only! Upon subscribing, you will receive several [not all] of the files [PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE OR GET A LARGE EMAIL ACCOUNT FOR THE INITIAL DOWNLOADS] which are the IEP guide. Please introduce yourself by sending in the questionnaire in your welcome message by posting it to the group and check the links and files sections for other info which may be helpful to you.
The IEP Team

Speech Therapy Matrix – Seek private evaluations from an ASHA certified SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) as well as medical evaluations from a neurologist and a developmental pediatrician who are knowledgeable about apraxia as well as other disorders. Bring these evaluations to your child’s school with the guideline at this link which is a guideline for how much speech therapy a child should have in school.
Speech Matrix

Great school information from ASHA – You can find school service questions and answers here

Getting Control Of The IEP Process – How to use over 100 changes to the law to get your child what he deserves.
Reed Martin Manual

Wrightslaw & The Special Ed Advocate, Peter W. D. Wright and Pamela Darr Wright

Due Process Between A School And A Child With Apraxia – This is a long but interesting law case from April 25, 2000 between a student with not only oral apraxia, but global apraxia, and his school. (He wins!)
Actual Law Case

Education-Advice From A Parent Who Has A Child With Apraxia
Most parents want the best education possible for their children. Dyspraxic children are wonderful, unique individuals and their educational needs are a little different to those of children who have no problem learning to speak clearly.

While a dyspraxic child’s expressive language will often be severely behind that of his same-age peers, his receptive language may be average or advanced. His education therefore needs to be individualized. His needs have to be met on every level. ie The person educating this child will need to help him to work on his specific areas of weakness, while also enhancing the areas in which he excels. This can be done and done well, but it is a tough goal for educationalists to achieve.

Many parents of dyspraxic children endure the public school system and with the help of advocates and the use of IEPs, they are able to ensure a good education for their children. I have included some links to sites which provide excellent advice on IEPs at the bottom of this page.

An alternative option which is being chosen by more and more parents of dyspraxic children is homeschooling. I homeschool my children.

Special Ed Advocacy: Mistakes Parents and Schools Make – Here are some common mistakes that undermine parents’ and schools’ ability to obtain appropriate services:
Special Ed Advocacy

Writing Individual Education Programs (IEP) for Success, by Barbara D. Bateman
IEP – The Process, by Haley A. Tomey
IEP Information

State Laws For Special Education
State Laws For Special Education

Checklist for Effective IEPs
IEP Check List

Fast Facts on IEPs
IEP Facts

SERI-Special Education Resources On The Internet

International Association Of People With Disabilities

Jamal Mazrui

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network

Parents Helping Parents

Waisman Center
Waisman Center

Parent Advocate Website ADHD
Healthy Place

Preparing For Your IEP
IEP Samples


(to tell the school you are unhappy with your child’s current IEP)
be sure to keep a copy for your records)

(Name of Principal)
(Name of School)
(Address of School)

Dear (Name of Principal):

I am the parent of (name of child). I recently reviewed my child’s IEP which was developed in (month), (year), and I believe that it is (“out of date,” “incomplete,” “based on insufficient evaluation information,” etc.).

I request that an IEPT meeting be held as soon as possible to review and, if necessary, to revise my child’s IEP. Please contact me so that the meeting can be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time and place.

Thanks you for your help. I look forward to hearing from you within the next 5 school days.


(Parent/Guardian’s signature)
(Parent/Guardian’s name)
(Parent/Guardian address)
(Parent/Guardian phone number)

cc. Student Advocacy Center of (State)

ABCs of Government, Special Education, and Advocacy – This page defines many common acronyms.
Advocacy Memo

IDEA Information
Wrights Law IDEA
IDEA The Law
IDEA Practices
IEP Success Stories – Learn how parents are using information from Wrightslaw and common sense to resolve problems and get better services for their children.
Success Stories