Thanks to Seton Hall University Law School!

We are proud to announce that we were voted as the primary recipient of Seton Hall University’s Law School’s Competitive Grant.

Because of this Grant, as well as the continued wonderful support of our current sponsors and others, the Cherab Foundation will soon be able to:

  • Provide subsidized screenings for speech and language, as well as subsidized group therapy for the children.
  • Begin various research projects with participating hospitals, physicians and speech and language pathologists. (Names to be announced soon.)
  • Create much needed new schools/ and or educational programs for apraxic children.
  • Raise awareness to the medical community, which will raise awareness to the general public, about apraxia, and the importance of Early Intervention for any child who is non verbal at 2. Our goal is to have professionals and parents learn the benefits of Early Intervention, even for children who it is believed “only have a delay in speech.”

If you would like to help by purchasing products that will help you and your child from our NEW fund-raising site, click here.

Cherab Foundation will continue to:

  • Provide information packets to families, healthcare providers and other community members.
  • Provide subsidized screenings for speech and language, as well as subsidized group therapy for the children.
  • Provide printing of pamphlets, posters and flyers to be sent to Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Early Intervention Offices, schools and physician offices.
  • Provide monthly informative meetings with experts in the field of communication.
  • Provide seminars with experts in the field of apraxia.
  • Provide help globally to thousands more families.

This Is Why The Children Appreciate Support From The…

  • A Free Service That Provides Both Personal And Corporate Assistance, As Well As Funedraising For Various Nonprofits. The following companies help us provide funds for Children’s Apraxia Network.
  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • Medicare Supply Company
  • National Car Rental

Special Thanks Also To:

Blimpies-1701 US Hwy No 22 Watchung, NJ (908) 322-3185 Chris, the owner, provided lunch for Inside Edition while they were busy filming about apraxia

Calabria II -1205 Valley Road Stirling NJ (908) 604-4746. The friendly owner, Teddy, also owns Cafe Main 40 Main Street, Millburn, NJ (973) 376-4444

Children’s Specialized Hospital– Among Many Other Wonderful Attributes, A Hospital That Generously Provides Their Beautiful Facility, And Optional Coffee Service As Well, To Host Various Support Groups, Including Ours

The Empire State Building-Special thanks to Chris for his kindness

The Grand Summit Hotel-They don’t want any public thanks, so privately we are letting you know this is one of the most gorgeous and wonderful places to stay

Inside Edition-Thanks to Stefanie, and the wonderful people she works with, for being perceptive enough to know a good (and important) story, while most others were still sleeping! (Alarm to go off sometime December, 2000) Inside Edition TV’s segment about apraxia, and Children’s Apraxia Network is scheduled to run December, 2000. However, since the show is on stand by right now, it has already been aired in various parts of the country. The producers don’t know when “stand by” shows will air, so please email us and let us know if you see the segment, or if you wish to be added to our email list for the scheduled air date in December.

Mars 2112– Khalid thought this was one of the coolest places to eat in New York

My Town Bakery Not Just One Of The Best Bakeries Around, But Also A Generous One As Well. 387 Park Ave. Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 (908) 322-1919

One If By Land– No public thanks, just 2 words-“Most Wonderful’

United National Bank– Special Thanks to Mr. Harris

$2,500 Or More Donations:

Summit Bank– A Caring Bank That Supports Many Organizations In The Community. Summit Bank Is Also A Sponsor Of The Free Community Connections Websites Through, Where The Main Website For Children’s Apraxia Network Is Located. Because of this generous donation we were able to fly Khalid and his mom Cindy into NJ from New Mexico for our August Meeting of Children’s Apraxia Network.

$1,000 Or More Donations:

Linda Bunis Haller Foundation– A Non Profit That Helps Special Needs Children

The Greenzeig Family– In honor of Mike Greenzeig’s 45th Birthday, from the generous donations of family and friends.

We appreciate any donations sent to:
Cherab Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 8524
Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952-8524

Email Lisa Geng President, or leave a message at 772-335-5135