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Dosage Of Fish Oil For Children

Response to a question about EFA dosing by Lisa Geng:

Hi Liz,

Thanks so much for the info. I’ve been speaking with them too-and I’ve had a chance to ask this question to a few scientists. I found that basically, the answer is really “I don’t know” or “I don’t want to say because I could be liable” when you dig a bit beneath the
surface. The reason that Efalex recommends a higher dosage is because that is what they found successful in clinical research-and until clinical research is done with each type of EFA formula (DHA, EPA, GLA, etc.) there won’t be a clear cut answer to our questions
for every EFA formula out there. Since Efalex did have research done by Dr. Stordy- I’ll be posting another message soon from Dr. Stordy about this. (co-author of The LCP Solution book with Malcolm Nicholl )

Dosing questions need to be answered because what we are seeing is like a miracle for so many of the children, and their families-and not just with apraxia. For example-I just received two private emails from a parent from this list who has three sons with CP -each
one has other issues as well (one with apraxia) -and each child is remarkably responding to EFAs -as well as her husband. Maybe she will share here as well. I received private an email from Lori D (NJ) a forwarded post sent out to the list for Hearing Impaired
about our study and how EFAs can help children who are deaf with communication (If you go to the archives of speech diet there are a few posts there too about it) And then with the recent posts here about the babies responding within a week-and posts like Melanie’s,
Karen’s or Pam’s, etc. where in a few months the apraxic child progressed from essentially nonverbal to sentences- way faster than any apraxia therapy alone could have brought an apraxic child in that amount of time -it just gives you chills to hear these things! And
at the same time it shows the huge range in ages-weights, etc.

It leaves all of us as parents in the void of knowing “what dosage is best for each individual?” I’m not curious as to what they recommend on the bottle-or even what the FDA recommends -I’m saying that right now I’m curious about what is the best dosage-and it’s a question that really doesn’t have an answer. We don’t know and won’t know until research is done to questions like: is there a maximum amount you can give a day?, etc.

This is what we can know from the bottles: If you have a child who is one years old or 7 years old or an adult you can give one (or two) capsule(s) a day of ProEFA- Efalex says: “Taking this product for the first time – Adults and Children over five: 4 capsules each morning and evening with food or drink for the first 12 weeks. Children under five: 2 to 3 Efamol Efalex capsules each morning and evening with food or drink for the first 12 weeks. These levels are based on research studies which indicate it could take up to 12 weeks to fill the body’s stores. After that a reduced is sufficient to maintain the levels.”

If you know the science and the math you can figure it out-so here are the two for example that my son Tanner has responded to amazingly well.

Efalex has:
per 2 capsules (at least times two-and up to times four for each
number here)
DHA (from fish oil-Omega 3) 120 mg.
GLA (primrose oil Omega 6) 24 mg.
AA 10.5

ProEFA has:
per one capsule (as is or times two)
DHA (from fish oil-Omega 3) 99 mg.
EPA (from fish oil Omega 3) 148 mg.
GLA (from borage seed oil Omega 6) 40 mg.

The question still is however-how come a much lower dosage of ProEFA is working better for most of our apraxic children than the higher dosage of Efalex. And…can we increase the dosage of ProEFA from one or two a day? And what happens then? I want the factual answer- just like all of you, but we just don’t have it yet!

As a group we are “trail blazing” as Pam said, and since not all of our children are pure apraxics-we are as a group finding out how EFAs are helping in other conditions-some which are being discussed privately right now! It’s very exciting now -and I’m sure will be
taken for granted in the future as accepted knowledge.

Now keep in mind that some parents of young children way under 60 pounds are already using 2 capsules a day. I do get quite a few private emails about dosage and we all see them here too- I just wanted to send this out to let you guys know that no matter how
professionally it’s said-the bottom line is nobody really knows yet what is best-which is why research needs to be done in this area for EFAs. In the meantime, look at the dosages on Efalex since research was done with Efalex -and compare – then use common sense and parental instincts together with speaking with medical or other professionals you trust!

I know some people aren’t happy with that and are looking for a more exact answer. In that case-use one or two capsules of ProEFA a day or four to eight capsules of Efalex a day-as it states on the bottles.

Talk to you soon!

Lisa Geng
President CHERAB Foundation

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  1. my son's having a nosebleed everytime i give him any kind of omega-3, can somebody have any info about this?/?i tried all types of omega3s and bleeding occurred.even for a very low dose still bleeds…..i read one product of omega 3 that has vit k in it to counteract the bleeding,,,but i am afraid to try it…is there anybody whoever tried this product ???the name is SPEAK capsules…any info will be appreciated.thank you