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There are many ways to increase the amount of EFAs in you or your child’s diet. You can for one increase the amount of fish. However, due to concerns of mercury which are recognized by the Institute of Medicine and the FDA, you may want to be aware of the types of fish you or your child consume. (Click here to read info from FDA / 20-20 / Consumer Reports / Dr. Stordy and other links) Try to stick to fish that is “low on the food chain” like sardines vs. swordfish or shark. Mercury adheres to the muscle of the fish-and mercury can only adhere to protein, for this reason, it is impossible according to Dr. Katz for any fish oil to contain mercury. However, fish oil can be rancid-so please only purchase Essential Fatty Acids from reputable companies that will verify their products purity in writing.

In the Cherab scientific reports, you will find that most children benefited from the Omega 3 and Omega 6 formula called ProEFA. You can purchase Efalex-which is an Omega 3 Omega 6 formula similar to ProEFA at GNC. Efalex recommends a higher dosage of 4 to 8 capsules a day vs. the much lower dosage of 1 to 2 capsules a day recommendation of ProEFA. You can also purchase Ultimate Omega – an Omega 3 Omega 6 formula like ProEFA made by the same company.

There are many others manufacturers of EFAs out there, and most are inexpensive to try. You may wonder, however, “How do you get ‘fish oil’ into a child?!!” or, “Can I give EFAs to my baby who’s showing signs of being a late talker?”

Some Online EFA (and other) Resources:

NN PRO EFA 369 (Nordic Naturals) 
This is the professional line of the child-friendly, third person tested for purity form of EFA. NNProEFA 369 is the mixture of DHA (omega 3) GLA (omega 6) and EPA and is the formula that is planned to be used in research as a result of successful anecdotal case reports from professionals discussed at Cherab’s first conference for apraxic children.

Dosage Of Fish Oil For Children

The Late Talker Book
This is the book co-authored by Tanner’s developmental pediatrician and Medical Director for NYC Early Intervention, Lisa Geng President and Founder of CHERAB Foundation which led the awareness and the professional anecdotal trials of EFAs use for apraxic/speech impaired children, Co-Founder of Speechville, and parent of two late talkers, and Malcolm NIcholl, International Journalist and also Co-Author of The LCP Solution book with Dr. Stordy. There is an entire chapter of The Late Talker devoted to information about EFAs including: the research, the stories from others, and the medical reasons as to how they may benefit your late talker child.

Efamol Efalex with DHA contains necessary essential fatty acids necessary for brain function.

Equazen Eye Q
Equazen’s special interest is Omega 3 and Omega 6 long chain fatty acids. Our nutritional supplements are made from the highest-grade marine and botanical oils, and reflect the latest research in the field of lipid metabolism. As such, the main intention of this site is to provide you with quality information that supports the rationale behind our range.” Great Q and A section here. Please email us and let us know if this product helps your child with speech. EyeQ is not really known yet in the US.

Therapeutic Use Of Fish Oil for Apraxia, Autism and Other Communication Impairments


Read about Carnosine or Carn-Aware and how this may help too

4 Comments on “EFA Resources”

  1. Hello lisa,
    Please help me because im really confused.
    My son is 4 and half years old with ASD diagnosis.
    We are in the UK and we have been using on and off Eye q equazen for a year now. He has made progress but im not sure if it is the oil or the speech therapy or his natural progression.
    According to your experience what is the best oil for asd with speech delay? I dont care i have to pay more to import the oil from the us….

    • Hi Christelle,

      I recommend stopping the oils for a week or at least a few days so you can observe to see if there is a regression off. Then you start them again and see if you notice another surge. For most of us that’s when you ‘know’ for sure.

      For most of us if our kids are responders, and you’ll know if your child is. According to Dr. Stordy who did research in this area and wrote the book The LCP Solution around 80 something percent are, results can be within 3 months. We typically see results though in a day to three weeks -about a week is the norm. You won’t necessarily notice anything though on day one. This is my son Tanner’s results which we saw in about a week from Dr. Stordy’s book http://pursuitofresearch.org/2011/10/27/tanner-gengs-the-lellow-breakthrough-for-apraxia-the-lcp-solution-book/

      I now we as parents are all about instant gratification but if your child has a speech impairment and especially apraxia- anything that helps accelerates the progress- in a week -that’s mind blowing!

      Did you see the main fish oil page? http://pursuitofresearch.org/2010/12/01/therapeutic-use-of-fish-oil-for-apraxia-autism-and-other-communication-impairments/

      Lisa Geng
      President CHERAB Foundation
      Communication Help, Education, Research, Apraxia Base
      Conceptualist for IQed “Approved for the Feingold Diet”
      “Help give our cherubs a smile and a voice”

  2. Dear Lisa,

    My son is 3.5 and has Down Syndrome. He babbles a lot but no words yet, even though he tries. I am considering ordering Equazen Family Capsules (EPA 186, DHA 58, GLA 20). How should I dose this? Would giving 6/day for the first 12 weeks, and then reducing by 1/day till I reach 2/day be correct?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Anna!

      I found the Eye Q to be similar to the NN ProEFA 369 as I have here http://pursuitofresearch.org/2016/09/13/dosage-of-fish-oil-for-children/
      On that page I also talk about formula and dosage. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

      Lisa Geng
      President CHERAB Foundation
      Communication Help, Education, Research, Apraxia Base
      Conceptualist for IQed “Approved for the Feingold Diet”
      “Help give our cherubs a smile and a voice”