How do I get my child to eat fish oil?

My 5 year old apraxic son Tanner is a trooper and takes the ProEFA from a spoon every day. I hold his nose for him, but he doesn’t mind the taste. We started the holding the nose thing when Tanner used to take the efalex, which is very fishy smelling and tasting, and it’s kind of our ritual now.

I rip only half of the protective waxy seal off the top of the ProEFA bottle, and put a pin in the part that is left. When it’s time to give Tanner his ProEFA, I open the top of the bottle, pull out the pin, put a hole in the capsule, put back the pin, and squeeze the oil onto a spoon.

Here are some other things we used to have to do when Tanner took the efalex which he hated. (Efalex is fishier tasting and smelling)

1. We would put just put a drop of fish oil in the middle of the bread for a sandwich and cover with peanut butter, a drop in the middle of a pancake, a drop in the middle of a bowl of spaghetti. etc. if we put too much fish oil, Tanner would not eat the food.

2. Glenn and Tanner and Dakota would each hold a cup filled with a dash of juice. Tanner’s juice was always “spiked” with efalex. Tanner is very competitive and would love a good race. “Ready set Go!” and Glenn would hold the cup to his mouth without drinking and then stop and have all three compare who drank the most. Of course, Tanner was winning! They would keep doing this until Tanner won (which meant he finished the efalex fish oil spiked juice)

3. I used to bribe Tanner with gummy bears that he could have after. Didn’t work as good as the first two. But for a long time we did a combination of number one and number three.

4. Tanner’s older brother started taking the fish oil, and Tanner wants to do what Dakota does.

5. As Tanner got older, at about four, we started calling the fish oil “yucky magic fish oil which helps you talk” and we really made a big deal about how yucky it was, and would “show off” to people how Tanner could take this yucky stuff and eat it right off the spoon. It worked for Tanner!

It was lots of work, but well worth the results. If your child will not take ProEFA, maybe buy some efalex and try that. Compared to efalex, a sock would probably be a treat!

Again, some EFAs are liked by some children-hated by others. With ProEFA – many kids from the CHERAB group will just eat it from a spoon, or chew the capsule since borage oil is naturally sweet. I can say that ProEFA does not smell like some of the other EFAs we’ve used. After a year and a half of Tanner hiding behind the couch when it was time to take other fish oils, this was amazing even without all the great breakthroughs he’s had!

The improvements when on the right supplement and the regressions on the wrong one are pretty quick-within weeks in most cases-so again you can see for yourself-like most of us did already!