Gabe Manus’ 7th Birthday Party Invitation

The Cherab Foundation’s crowdFunnit Project to throw a community birthday for alienated kids

Community to join Gabe Manus and other children alienated by their peers in a show of support


“When I asked Gabe what he wanted to do this year for his birthday his answer was “Nothing. No one will come everyone hates me”  Many families are struggling in the same way when it comes to our kids being bullied and ignored or worrying about what others might think of them because they are different.  I want parents to know that it’s ok to just bring your kids. If they have issues, if they’re struggling, if they don’t have very many friends, bring them out. We understand. There is a whole community of people who are in this same situation.”   ~Stephanie Manus

Let’s let Gabe and the other alienated children know they are worth getting to know!  You are cordially invited to celebrate Gabe’s 7th birthday party with them.

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Saturday, March 10th,  1 PM – 4 PM EST
Bethel Baptist Church 1601 S Colorado St, Salem, VA 24153
RSVP here and wish Gabe a Happy Birthday You can also send messages of support to the other children
Press Release
Gabe’s Birthday Party Flyer
Party Fund

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Some of the honored guests who are in the same situation as Gabe attending Gabe’s crowdFunnit birthday party are:

  • Landon, 8 is a second grader who has been diagnosed with autism, ODD, and ADHD.  He is both bullied and alienated.  No matter how many invitations are sent out for birthdays or events, nobody shows up or calls.
  • Peyton will be 9 this March.  A super sweet child with ADHD he is bullied horribly at school, and the school says they are “working on it” to try to end it.  In the meantime, Peyton is both bullied and alienated and would just love a friend to play with.
  • Matt, 12, is high functioning and has been through so much medically with 2 brain surgeries and a spinal surgery.  He has epilepsy and also needs to wear leg braces.  He would love to have a friend but nobody ever invites him over to come and play.
  • James, 14, has ASD and has not been invited to a party or any social event since he started middle school in spite of numerous attempts to invite others.  This has led to school anxiety and not just sadness but depression.

Gabe Manus just wanted a birthday party, with friends. After several years when no one even RSVPed yes or no to his parties, he was ready to give up.   Saturday, March 10th will change all that as the community comes together to celebrate him and all those individuals and families out there feeling the same alienation. You are cordially invited to attend Gabe’s party.

Gabe is a loving, friendly child with autism who loves to be around people. However, he struggles in social situations, is ignored or left out by his peers and is often made fun of for being different. His birthday party excitement vanished last year when not a single school “friend” RSVPed to his “race car” themed birthday party last year. This year’s theme, with the help of crowdFunnit, and the community, will be a Carnival Fantasy party, with games and fun, where attendees are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character (cowboy, princess) in the comfort of a loving community.

Stephanie Manus reached out to the 501(c)3 nonprofit Cherab Foundation through their initiative crowdFunnit, with a simple request that her soon-to-be 7-year-old son with autism know there is a world out there that doesn’t hate him. crowdFunnit is dedicated to improving the lives of those who are bullied and alienated, fostering acceptance, compassion, and friendship through open-invite birthday parties.

Stepanie said, “Gabe will be 7 and it breaks my heart that nobody comes to his birthday party.  We try to throw a party each year and invite all the children and not one child shows up and not one parent calls to say sorry we won’t make it.  Last year just broke his little heart.  When I asked Gabe what he wanted to do this year for his birthday his answer was “Nothing. No one will come everyone hates me”  That’s why I reached out to crowdFunnit.   Many families are struggling in the same way when it comes to our kids being bullied and ignored or worrying about what others might think of them because they are different,” said Stephanie. “I want parents to know that it’s ok to just bring your kids. If they have issues, if they’re struggling, if they don’t have very many friends, bring them out. We understand. There is a whole community of people who are in this same situation.”

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crowdFunnit and the Manus family welcome other families in the same situation to share their stories and come be a guest of honor at the party;  If you are in this situation contact us [email protected]  Equally important is the presence of compassionate individuals and families of all ages to come out and join the fun, share some cake and make a few new friends.

Early word of the party touched Rocky Mount Sergeant Joshua Mason of the K9 Patrol Division so much that he and his trusted buddy, a Shepard/Mali mix named Spike, have offered to stop by for a visit.   He will also be demonstrating to the children how Spike does his work.  As a combat veteran, Sergeant Mason knows the wonderful potential of therapeutic animals. “It really means a lot to me to see the joy my dog brings to people so I love to do it,” he said.

Click Create Connect (C3) will be generously donating their fun Social Media Marketing Photobooth to the event.  C3 was passionate about helping kids feel more included in the community today to solve a lot of problems down the road. The owner Dale Thompson said, “When kids feel isolated, bullied, or completely left out of the group, it can be a devastating feeling that might lead to tragic consequences. Click Create Connect is not just providing fun, but also helping raise money and awareness to keep the momentum of the Cherab Foundation crowdFunnit initiative moving forward. C3 cares for our community and those kids that need a little more attention, love and caring. Roanoke has always been that kind of place and Click Create Connect just wanted to help now and in the future. ”

FIVEFOURlow, a local charity car club who does a lot of work for autism awareness heard about the Cherab Foundation crowdFunnit event to support Gabe and the other children being bullied and alienated through news coverage and was moved by it.  They will be showing up with real life “HotWheels” as well as some actual HotWheels for the children.

The Mountain Grill food truck is donating some hot dogs and soda as well as opening up their full menu for purchase for Gabe’s crowdFunnit party.  They fit right into Gabe’s carnival party themed crowdFunnit event as their goal is to provide you with GREAT food and they “hope to make new friends in the process.”

According to Lisa Geng, creator of crowdFunnit and President of the Cherab Foundation, “Children with communication impairments have a higher risk of socialization issues.  The Cherab Foundation initiative crowdFunnit proactively raises awareness about inclusion, anti-bullying, and even friendship through crowd-sourced events.

There is no admission cost to attend the party, however, we are looking to raise $500 towards basic party supplies, gifts for Gabe and the other children who are bullied or alienated, and to contribute to the 501(c)3 Cherab Foundation which is both the organization behind crowdFunnit and also provides evidence-based and integrative approaches to help our special children with therapy, nutrition, awareness and in socialization, especially those that are at-risk in the United States, as well as in developing countries.   Every dollar helps and any money over our goal can help others in need of support.  Please contribute here.

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If you would like to send a Happy Birthday Card or a letter of encouragement to Gabe and the other children being celebrated, please do so at this address:
Gabe’s CrowdFunnit Party
c/o Ausome art expressions
850 Craig Ave
Salem VA 24153

crowdFunnit Crowd-Sources Special Events For Special Kids: crowdFunnit, a project of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Cherab Foundation, was created to brings people together, raising awareness about differences while fostering acceptance and compassion. Helping a friendless child celebrate a birthday is just an incredible mechanism in which to help make this happen. The party itself and any media attention it brings will help fight bullying at the root while the community connections will exist long after the party ends.

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21 Comments on “Gabe Manus’ 7th Birthday Party Invitation”

  1. I would like to RSVP for my daughter, Tabitha. She has ADHD and many kids in her grade and above do not understand her issues.

  2. I would like to RSVP for my step son Landon. He is a child with ASD & Gabe’s best friend ?

  3. Thanks everyone for letting us know you will be attending this incredible Cherab Foundation crowdFunnit event for Gabe and the other children that are bullied or alienated to show support -and have an amazing time! If you can please RSVP on the Facebook wall so we make sure to have enough food, drinks and of course birthday cake, that would be so appreciated!

  4. I would like to RSVP for my wife and I. We would be honored to wish Gabe a happy birthday!
    I am a local children’s book author and would be happy to include a link to your party on our Facebook page if you are ok with it?
    We look forward to meeting Gabe!

    • Hi Michael!

      I’m sure all the families would love to have you there as a local children’s book author! Yes please share Gabe’s event page or any other links on your Facebook page. We’d so appreciate it. Let us know the link so we can share your page too! Thank you so much -looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

      Lisa Geng
      President CHERAB Foundation
      Communication Help, Education, Research, Apraxia Base
      “Help give our cherubs a smile and a voice”

    • Thank you that’s awesome he loves to read well have to check out your books feel free to say hello while you’re there he’d love it ???

  5. I don’t have Facebook but my son who will be 9 March 21st who has ADHD defiant disorder and tics of some sort plus myself would love to attend Gabe’s party so this is our RSVP my son also wanted to know if he could bring a gift for gabe

      • We may only make it by to say hello I rolled my ankle real good and can barely walk

    • Thank you he loves cars and anything my Little Pony or horses and unicorns he also loves those little blind bags of any kind and the hatchamal collectables and board games anything is appreciated and loved we look forward to meeting you ???

  6. We would like to RSVP for Gabe’s party! We will be bringing 2 children and 2 adults. My son who is also 7 came home from school today and told me about this wonderful event. We would love to meet Gabe and wish him the best birthday ever!

    • Awesome thanks can’t wait to meet you all were so glad they’re excited to come celebrate with us ???