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Silent No More

Message from the President, Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association Silent No More he spoke to me yet he was utterly silent mute, soundless, wordless he was the most quiet child (a very powerful quiet) at the same time, he was… Read More

Our Fourth Child

Written by Susan Loyd* “Thoughts from a mom with 4 special needs kids” Our fourth child was going to be normal. I just knew it after all our other three children were neurologically impaired and no way would… Read More

Delay Vs. Disorder

1. How can you tell the difference between a child with verbal apraxia (not oral apraxia) and one that is a late talker? Experts state that oral apraxia can be diagnosed as young as 18 months, while most… Read More

Affiliated Groups

Cherab Foundation helps to start, supports, and works together with other support groups and nonprofits (such as ECHO, VOICES, and Apraxia Network) that have mutual goals for helping children with apraxia and other speech disorders. Talk to and… Read More

A Letter To Parents Who Have A Child That Is A Late Talker First Written 7/4/00

Acknowledgment from The Late Talker book: “”…Thanks to my two boys, Dakota and Tanner. Your communication delays were a motivating wake-up call to do something to help both of you and others. Your success from early intervention is an inspiration,… Read More

Suggestions for a Pre-School Teacher who has a Child with Apraxia in Class

1. Send home a picture of the activity centers, and all the children and teachers, so the child can be more specific about what he or she did during the day. 2. Recognize the child’s strengths, not just… Read More

Families that have helped raise awareness to bring all our children a voice via TV!

Families that have helped raise awareness to bring all our children a voice via TV! If you are a family that wishes to share your “late talker” story (either success story or frustration story) with the media either… Read More

What's wrong with him?

by Terri White The Cherab Foundation gratefully acknowledges permission to print “What’s wrong with him?” from the author, Terri White. We look forward adding more of her humorous stories to this website. When Andrew was a toddler –… Read More

A Very Tough Year

The question that everyone seems to ask me is how did I know there was a problem at such a young age? My son, Evan, is now 2.8 years old, and is our second child. As an infant,… Read More

Have Questions about Late Talkers versus Apraxia?

Ask Our Developmental Pediatricians Participating Pediatricians: Marilyn Agin MD Neurodevelopmental pediatrician Marilyn Agin MD is the Medical Director for NYC Early Intervention -the largest of its kind in the USA. She is also the Co-Author with Lisa Geng and… Read More