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Chris Ramerez’s 14th Birthday Invitation

“Bullying has left a mark on Chris’s soul.  As a result, he suffers bouts of both anxiety and depression that others hate him and is afraid to leave our house.  Chris who is on the autism spectrum desperately needs to know that he is worthy of having friends and that he is not alone” ~Mary Ramerez
Let’s let Chris know he does have friends! You are cordially invited to celebrate Chris’s 14th birthday party with him.
Sunday, September 30, 2018, 1 PM – 3 PM in EST
Live Updates about Chris’s crowdFunnit party
 There is no admission cost to attend the party, however, we are looking to raise $500 towards basic party supplies and gifts for Chris. Any money over our goal can help others in need of support through the 501(c)3 Cherab Foundation which is the organization behind CrowdFunnit. Cherab Foundation provides evidence-based and integrative approaches to help children with therapy, nutrition, socialization/anti-bullying, and awareness. Every dollar helps. Thank you in advance!   Please contribute here

As an honored guest, you are invited to have a super time at SuperPlayUSA for Chris’s birthday party.  While there is no admission cost to attend the party, tickets are required for entrance.  Free tickets here.


Chris’s Story

Up until 2nd grade, Chris who has been diagnosed with ASD and ADHD was outgoing, reveled in making others laugh. Then things began to change. By 4th grade, he was teased constantly by his classmates for being different. Teasing turned into bullying and physical altercations by peers, classmates invading his privacy even in the school bathroom has made Chris fearful of leaving his house.   “Bullying has left a mark on Chris’s soul. There are almost half a dozen confirmed cases of bullying at school this year alone, and as a result, he suffers bouts of both anxiety and depression that others hate him.  He needs to know that he is worthy of having friends and that he is not alone.”  Mary added, “He’s built walls around him to keep other kids from hurting him. It’s those walls I want broken down.”
Like all children, each year Chris wanted a birthday party with friends, but for the past seven years, he has celebrated only with family. “We spent hundreds of dollars on his birthday parties,” said Mary. “Chris waited and waited, and nobody came.” It’s been heartbreaking for Chris who desperately needs to know that he is worthy of having friends and that he is not alone.
Last summer he and his father attended the crowdFunnit celebration for William Morales in Port St. Lucie, FL and seeing a child that had been bullied have a party like that his hopes did a 180.  Now Chris will be the guest of honor at his own crowdFunnit party and welcomes the whole community to join him, on Sept 30th, 2018 to celebrate all those individuals and families out there feeling the same alienation.
Inspired by previous crowdFunnit events, Mary Ramirez reached out on behalf of her son. “I have watched Chris go through so much heartache dealing with how he is different from other children his age. He fears to leave his home when other children want to spread their wings,” she said.
Chris loves gaming and computers. He also loves swimming at the beach or pool, animals (his cats) and science. He loves to watch Mythbusters on TV with his older brother.
Chris and crowdFunnit are calling all kind-hearted people interested in making friends. “I want there to be a common ground where he and others like him can feel safe to be themselves, do activities and enjoy life,” Mary said.
That’s exactly the foundation of the crowdFunnit community party says founder Lisa Geng. “We are dedicated to improving the lives of those who are bullied and alienated, fostering acceptance, compassion, and friendship through open-invite birthday parties, community awareness, and common kindness.”
crowdFunnit and the Ramirez family welcome families in the same situation as Chris’s family to share their stories and join us at the party. Please contact us and we can help  Equally important is the presence of compassionate individuals and families of all ages to come out and join the fun, share some cake and make a few new friends.
“I just want Chris and children like him to enjoy life and all the wonderful things it offers.  Please help me and other moms like me find a happy place for our sons and daughters to live in. We need them to know that they are not alone.” ~Mary Ramerez
For those unable to attend – we have firsthand knowledge that Chris loves receiving mail! Past years he’s received just a few cards from family. This year help us show Chris he’s loved by so many by upping that number to a few hundred.
Send Chris A Birthday Card!  The Cherab Foundation has partnered with CardFool making it quick and easy for you to share your personal wishes with Chris without even leaving your computer. Cardfool allows you to personalize your greetings and will mail your card directly to Chris, donating the net proceeds of your purchase back to the Cherab Foundation. Your donation will, in turn, allow us to help even more children.

If your child is being bullied or alienated, please contact us for help.  We also appreciate any donations to help more children. We are a grassroots 100 percent volunteer-based 501(c)3  Thank you so much and keep updated by our Facebook page or here at the Cherab Foundation.


crowdFunnit Crowd-Sources Special Events For Special Kids: crowdFunnit, a project of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Cherab Foundation, was created to bring people together, raising awareness about differences while fostering acceptance and compassion. Helping a friendless child celebrate a birthday is just an incredible mechanism by which to help make this happen. The party itself and any media attention it brings will help fight bullying at the root while the community connections will exist long after the party ends.

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