Late Talker Handout

  Is Your Child A Late Talker? · Are they quiet? · Seem shy? · Not talking like their peers? · Allow you or siblings to speak for them? · Do you wonder why? Your baby’s babbling and toddlers first words can be music to your ears. When faced with a child who doesn’t speak or seems to have difficulty with words parents are… Read More

Affiliated Groups

Cherab Foundation helps to start, supports, and works together with other support groups and nonprofits (such as ECHO, VOICES, and Apraxia Network) that have mutual goals for helping children with apraxia and other speech disorders. Talk to and network with others at Cherab’s partner informational site. See "Communication Station" at Speechville Express for comprehensive listings of local support groups, Internet e-mail discussions, and information… Read More

Have Questions about Late Talkers versus Apraxia?

Ask Our Developmental Pediatricians via our email list (now BigTent as of 2010) Participating Pediatricians: Marilyn Agin MD Neurodevelopmental pediatrcian Marilyn Agin MD is the Medical Director for NYC Early Intervention -the largest of it’s kind in the USA. She is also the Co-Author with Lisa Geng and Malcolm NIcholl of The Late Talker book! Dr. Agin was our dynamic (standing room only) speaker for… Read More