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Late Talkers, Silent Voices Media Project

Late Talkers, Silent Voices is a multimedia project by an award-winning producer along with talented media and nonprofit professionals designed to foster acceptance, share personal stories and provide resources to individuals and families impacted by communication disorders.  Our goal is to make visible and give a voice to the individuals who cannot always speak for themselves and to honor the parents who battle fiercely to bring each one to their full potential.

Camden’s Birthday Party Brings Worldwide Awareness For Apraxia Which Started In a Cherab Support Group Message

Camden said the day after the party to his mom“Mama this has been the second best day of my life building Legos with you, my best day was yesterday.” Camden’s birthday party has been the most awareness for apraxia in a few days than apraxia has had in over the past century! It all started …

The Cherab Foundation Brochure

he Cherab Foundation Brochure Sponsored by: Northern Speech/National Rehabilitation Services, Inc. Kaufman Children’s Center for Speech, Language Sensory-Motor and Social Connections, Inc. CHERAB would like to graciously acknowledge the generous donation of these glossy brochures by Northern Speech Services with assistance from Nancy Kaufman CCC-SLP from Kaufman Children’s Center. These brochures were made up specifically to be handed …