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Some Carnosine Resources

Carnosine, not Carnitine: First Fish, Now Red Meat and Chicken?!! From a posting to the CHERAB Grouplist, by Lisa Geng Founder of CHERAB Foundation I just received an email from Cathleen Buchanan, PhD, who is the Research Coordinator… Read More

Have Questions about Late Talkers versus Apraxia?

Ask Our Developmental Pediatricians Participating Pediatricians: Marilyn Agin MD Neurodevelopmental pediatrician Marilyn Agin MD is the Medical Director for NYC Early Intervention -the largest of its kind in the USA.¬†She is also the Co-Author with Lisa Geng and… Read More

Beginnings: Starting a Support Group

The history of the Cherab Foundation An Introduction by Lisa Geng A “hello” from Kathryn Rickard, founder of the first support group for apraxia in New Jersey

Letter to Lisa Geng about the Beginnings of Cherab

Lisa, I am glad to hear from you. I have been following the web site you set up and wanted to tell you how impressed I am with how you are doing. I think you are providing valuable… Read More

Resources for Speech Patholgists (and Ambitious Parents)

The SLP “Start Page” – For Speech-Language Pathology Internet searches and resources SLP Start Page Speech And Language Disorders – A site with links to just about everything you might want to know. NICHCY Analyzing Early Childhood Language… Read More

Avoiding Mercury in Fish Supplements

At our January 2001 meeting, Dr. Kane talked about the need to avoid purchasing supplements that come from areas where fish are contaminated due to mercury poisoning. She also warned against having your child consume too much tuna… Read More

Advice for Starting a Support Group

Many parents find it overwhelming when they have a child that is a late-talker. Is there a problem? Who should we see – a doctor, a pediatrician, a speech pathologist? Are we over-reacting? Do others notice that our… Read More

The LCP Solution

A Must Read! Marilyn Agin M.D. believes this book has credible information that is worth exploring further. Our son Tanner’s amazing positive results with EFA’s are in this book too. read from Dr. Stordy’s book —– Original Message… Read More