Cherab Grants Gabe’s Birthday Wish For Friends

“We are extremely excited and grateful for the assistance, bringing the community out while fostering acceptance,” said Stephanie Manus, Gabe’s mom. “There are lots of other kids who are bullied, or excluded, who don’t have anyone show up for their birthday party.” Gabe Manus’s birthday wish for friendship was granted. Over 75 people attended the Cherab Foundation community birthday celebration festivities at the Bethel… Read More


Gabe Manus’ 7th Birthday Party Invitation

The Cherab Foundation’s crowdFunnit Project to throw a community birthday for alienated kids Community to join Gabe Manus and other children alienated by their peers in a show of support   “When I asked Gabe what he wanted to do this year for his birthday his answer was “Nothing. No one will come everyone hates me”  Many families are struggling in the same way… Read More


Pursuit of Research

Pursuit of research strives to promote good nutrition from foods that provide essential nutrients, with an emphasis on functional foods for those individuals with neurologically based impairments and conditions. Most don’t understand the evidence between nutrition and cognition, and the gut/brain connection. Food changes gut bacteria in as quick as one day. The primary function of pursuit of research is to provide hope and education, and to share healthy nutritional strategies for those with special needs, while in the pursuit of research with the cherab foundation which is working to improve the communication skills, education, and advocacy of the verbally disabled.


crowdFunnit Grants William’s Birthday Wish

William Morales’ birthday wish was to make a few friends. Thanks to crowdFunnit, William now has a whole community of friends. It’s not just William, who is diagnosed with Autism, and his family who benefitted from his wish for friendship, locals and people from as far away as Daytona, Tampa and Miami came both in support of William or because they too find themselves… Read More

William Morales’ 13th Birthday Party Invitation

Not only is William friendless, but he is bullied.  My heart is breaking at the questions my son asks me, “Am I weird mom?”, “Is there something wrong with me mom?”  ~Tricia Falkenthal-Morales Let’s let William know he’s worth getting to know!  You are cordially invited to celebrate William’s 13th birthday party with him. Sunday, August 20th,  1 PM – 3 PM in EST… Read More

Kayla Baylor’s Birthday Party

“There were many times that I felt unsafe and that I did not belong. This made me very depressed. I was often left out and an easy target for bullying. This led me to be more depressed and suicidal.  Yes, I’m different but doesn’t mean you have to treat me differently.” – Kayla Baylor It’s not easy to feel isolated in the world when… Read More


Maggie Mays Sweet 16 Birthday Invitation

“Simply put Maggie has lots of people who love her, but no true friends of her own.”  – Maggie’s mom Robin Let’s show Maggie she does have friends!  You are cordially invited to celebrate Maggie’s 16th birthday party with her. Saturday, February 25th   12 PM – 2 PM EST Healing Strides Of Virginia  672 Naff Road Boones Mill, VA 24065 RSVP here and wish Maggie a… Read More

Josie Has The Birthday Party She Always Dreamed Of

Josie Eugenie got just what she wanted for her birthday, and we couldn’t be happier for her. Dozens of people came together to help her celebrate her 24th birthday; thoughtful, kind individuals and families accepting of a world where not everyone is the same. Before Josie’s crowdFunnit birthday party she had expressed, “Being Autistic I’ve always had difficulty making and keeping friends. I can’t… Read More


Josie Eugenie’s Birthday Invitation

“Being Autistic I’ve always had difficulty making and keeping friends. I can’t help but feel disappointed when everybody my age goes out with friends or has a big party. It makes me feel like I’m not really worth getting to know” -Josie Eugenie Let’s let Josie know she’s worth getting to know!  You are cordially invited to celebrate Josie’s 24th birthday party with her. Saturday, October… Read More


Late Talkers, Silent Voices Media Project

Late Talkers, Silent Voices is a multimedia project by an award-winning producer along with talented media and nonprofit professionals designed to foster acceptance, share personal stories and provide resources to individuals and families impacted by communication disorders.  Our goal is to make visible and give a voice to the individuals who cannot always speak for themselves and to honor the parents who battle fiercely to bring each one to their full potential.